Get The Right Automated Forex Trading Software

Get The Right Automated Forex Trading Software

Automated Forex trading software makes it easy to trade Forex.  Forex trading is becoming ever more popular as a way to make money, with Forex being the most traded market in the world.  Due to the popularity of the market we have seen an increase in the number of automated forex trading software offerings, as traders look for easier and faster ways to make money, and software manufacturers have responded with a vast range of software now available to the trader.  

But Which Is The Right Automated Forex Trading Software For You?

Your choice of software as a trader has alot to do with preference.  Just like with a runners and their training shoes, alot comes down to the certain style and model they feel most comfortable with.  Having said that, there is automated trading software out there which you really should stay away from, so here are a few guidelines to help you choose software which will be a good investment and make you more money.

Get Tested Software

When looking for automated Forex trading software, you should instantly dismiss any software that has not been tested.  That means that the software should have been run on an account for a minimum of 6 months and has data showing a reasonable rate of return.  What is a reasonable rate of return?  well it depends on how aggressively the software is set up, but anything that is making 30% plus profits a month consistently is definitely worth looking into.

Avoid Cheap Software

There is a lot of temptation when your starting out to get ‘cheap automated trading software’.  This is mainly because people just don’t have the budget to spend big bucks on high end trading systems.  The problem is, the cheaper software is often several years old or not built on a solid proven system, and as a result the trades can be a bit hit and miss - not something your looking for when its your money at stake!  If you don’t have the money to buy a decent trading system (approximately $100 upwards) i suggest you create an free account with a broker and try running a demo account for a while until you can afford the real deal.

Look For A Support Section

Once you’ve found some software that your interested in, have a quick look to see if they have a support section or a forum.  Whilst this isn’t 100% necessary, if your new to Forex and new to automated Forex trading software, having the support and advice of people who have been trading for a while can be invaluable.  A forum comes particularly in handy for this, as traders pass best practices and their settings they use for their software back and forth, meaning you can pick up a lot of knowledge about what to do and what to avoid.


There’s a lot of choice on the market when it comes to automated forex trading software.  Picking the right trading platform will save you a lot of time and money when you come to live trading for the first time.  We’ve looked at three things that you should be thinking about when buying Forex trading software, however there’s many more pieces to the puzzle if you want to become a successful trader.  Unlock the secrets to automated forex trading and you can make a real killing online.